Motogp Knee Dragging


Remember that knee dragging is the product of excellent cornering skills effective body positioning and yes corner speed. This lean is is induced by counter steering and is essentially a controlled fall over to either side.

The Evolution Of Motogp Riding Style

With all of this and the continuous personal attention youll receive from your coach youll drag knee.

Motogp knee dragging. Too many riders make dragging a knee a priority at the expense of body dynamics and cornering control. One of the coolest things about this transitional period in road racing was that the riders displayed very divergent styles within the same race. The training is very effective and will increase your confidence awareness of road and environment conditions and personal and bike control.

On the balls of your feet torso bent over the tank head. Work on that and itll happen eventually. How did we go from sitting straight up on the bike to elbow dragging.

Dragging elbow sliders is only done by some of the worlds best motogp riders. Hitting a rumble strip with a knee slider can cause a crash and professional riders often lift the knee momentarily when nearing the rumble strips. Step 1 understand the reason for knee sliding.

First off a knee down is a lean angle indicator. The spaniards knee and elbow drag across the tarmac in an exaggerated style defined by lean angles approaching 70 degrees. The spectacle of marc marquez on his honda rc213v is perhaps unmatched in all of motorsport.

The gyroscopic nature of the rotating step 2 use correct body position. At high speed sport bikes dont turn through turns they carve through turns by leaning over in the direction of the turn. Every motorcycle event photographer knows that the money shot that every track day rider covets is the one showing the riders knee puck solidly in contact with the pavement.

Secondly the reason you hang off is because if you were to stay on straight the lean angle that you would need to go to carry the speed through the corner means that you will be dragging things like fairings and exhausts and possibly run off the edge of the tires. The result is usually not good. However kenny roberts sr.

Evolution of motogp riding styles from leaning out to elbow dragging. Most people have seen video or photos of motorcycle racers or not very smart street riders dragging their knee while leaned fully in the middle of a corner. In the late 1970s king kenny used duct tape as his knee sliders.

Is credited with the true introduction of the knee dragging technique. All the while his tires skitter back and forth across the precarious line of traction. Why was it that the riders of old did not hang off.

The purpose of dragging a knee is to indicate to the pilot the angle of motorcycle lean.

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